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Referral Process

The highest compliment you can offer is a referral to a business colleague or associate. As our success is based on client satisfaction with our services, we are pleased to reward you for providing referrals. If you know of someone who could benefit from the Business Development services we provide, please refer that person to us.

The Process

  1. Provide an introduction to your referral in the form on this page. 

  2. We log the referral into our CRM, establishing your exclusivity on it for a 3-month period.  We notify you if someone else provided the same referral prior to yours.  If so, your submission would be invalid.

  3. You choose whether to initiate the contact or have us do so. Please let us know which you prefer.

    • You make a phone or email introduction to your colleague.  If email, make sure to copy us.                    We suggest enclosing this document to provide a summary of our services; or​

    • We make the introduction.  If by email, we will copy you on the initial email.  If the introduction is made by other means, we will notify you of the time and date by email.

  4. ​Should they purchase products or services from us as a result of your referral, we will provide email notice and you will receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card as referral payment. ​

Example Text

The following is text which you are welcome to copy and paste into your referral emails.

"If you are considering (expanding the company's global footprint / seeking international partners / taking up new products / technology licensing / custom market or competitive intelligence), you should look at Global Strategy.  It is a business development consultancy providing results-based solutions to companies, from startups to multinationals, research institutions and government organizations.  By way of this email, I am introducing you to World Trade Works so that you can schedule a t-con to further discuss your interests and how they may be of assistance."

Qualified Prospects

  • Companies supplying or seeking new/unique products and services to expand nationally or globally 

  • Organizations that seek actionable insights from customized market/competitive intelligence

  • Companies attending or exhibiting at trade events that want meetings scheduled with pre-qualified potential partners, clients and/or customers

Zero Spam Policy

Referrals will only be accepted from individuals and organizations with whom you currently have or in the past had a business or personal relationship.  Either you will be required to submit proof of the relationship or the referred person/company will be required to confirm the relationship.  This policy is necessary to prevent unsolicited emails (e.g. spam) to persons unknown.


All referrals must be new clients.

Referral incentives are paid when the new client signs an agreement with us and their first payment has been received. If you are not permitted to accept a gift, your organization may instead elect to receive consulting services equal to the amount of the referral award.  Program participation is voluntary.   

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