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We craft custom
solutions for market entry and growth, providing
first-mover advantage for clients

  • Determine competitive advantages

  • Provide market analysis

    • High growth prospects

    • Fewer barriers to entry

    • Favorable economic and business climates

    • Technology level

    • Fit with global market entry strategy

    • IP protection

  • Rank most attractive markets & segments

  • Determine competitive landscapes

  • Identify appropriate channels of distribution

  • Conduct product life cycle analyses

  • Establish pricing and margins

  • Evaluate modes of market entry (license, distribution, startup, etc.)

  • Formulate market entry/expansion strategy

  • Implement strategy and strike successful, long-term deals

We develop and implement the plan for your organization, utilizing internal and external resources (e.g. salesforce and distributors), enabling you to deliver a unique value proposition to customers and achieve competitive advantage.

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